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Technical Datasheets
Sinclair Manufacturing Company has followed & compiled many relevant types of information over the years. It has been our goal to provide as much useful information to our customers as possible. However, as Sinclair is not a testing house, we are merely providing this information as a reference or starting point for our customers. Much of the information here is conservative (sometimes very much so). It is the responsibility of our customers to verify this information.

There are also certain "industry standards" that while followed, may no longer be relevant outside of the community. Please keep in mind that certain specifications have been superceded or have been discovered to be outdated, even though the industry continues to reference them.

Scratch / Dig
Transmission Curves - Soda Lime, Borosilicate, UV Glasses & Sapphire

Electrical / Thermal
HiPot Voltage Breakdown vs. Altitude
Common Seal / Lead Diameters for 50 Ohm Seals

Materials / Construction Matrix

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